My Son Turns Six Today

I remember those first few days of fatherhood so vividly. 


The exhaustion. 

The fear. 

The love. 

The support. 

The weird smells.

The godlike strength of my wife.


Six years later most of those things haven’t changed. We’re still pretty tired. I often get scared of the idea that these beautiful little creatures are in my care – weird smells and all. What keeps it going though is the love. I’m so head over heals for both my kids. Rhodes in particular today as he turns 6. I love every square inch of that boy. His deep emotional capacity, his sense of humor, his love of the moment…I’m so proud to be his dad.


Even in the hardest of days I can slide into his room at night, lay there with him as he sleeps (like in this picture) and all is well again. I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday.

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